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The Montana Wild Bison Restoration Coalition is a grassroots organization, recognizing the absence of wild bison in Montana, disseminating information on issues and opportunities for bison restoration, and promoting the return of wild, public bison to the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge and to nearby, mostly contiguous private and public lands where bison are accepted. The Coalition originated within the Gallatin Wildlife Association, Bozeman, Montana in 2018 (see However, the Coalition shares no funding with Gallatin Wildlife.

As of September, 2018, the Coalition is still growing and developing its formal structure. Two categories of participants in the Coalition are envisioned: supporters and members. Supporters are individuals and organizations that have avowed support for our two goals. Members are individuals and organizations that will also be active in achieving our goals. The current list of supporters is available elsewhere on this website. Individuals and organizations, including our current supporters, will be invited to become members of the Coalition soon after this website is launched on line.


Dr. Jim Bailey, retired professor of wildlife biology and management at Colorado State University coordinates Coalition activities. He has authored American Plains Bison: Rewilding an Icon, published by Sweetgrass Books, Helena, MT. A biography of Dr. Bailey and more of his writings are available on his website at

Update: Sadly, Jim Bailey passed away on May 30, 2023. You can read his obituary here.

Steering Committee:

Jim Bailey, Belgrade, Montana.

Nancy Schultz, Bozeman, Montana. With a M. Ed from Western Washington University, a retired public school teacher and wildlife advocate.

Glenn Monahan, Bozeman, Montana. With a geology degree from Montana State University, a retired school science teacher. Glenn operated a canoe guide service on Montana’s Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument for 23 years. A hunter, as well as strong advocate for Montana’s native wildlife, he believes that Montana – and the nation – must restore substantial herds of wild bison.

Auditor: Currently, the Coalition has a small bank account. An auditor will be sought to assure appropriate use of funds.


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